About Me

CarmenPicIn the first grade, my teacher handed me a piece of magic.  A story starter.

That was the day I knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. The desire never, ever went away.

While other kids crushed on movie stars or became experts in the latest bands, I was scribbling down stories.  I filled notebook after notebook with story after story.

In the 10th grade I had an English teacher who was kind enough to read my 700 page handwritten manuscript and make comments. Ms. Barbknecht gave me the greatest gift a teacher can give to a child–she believed in me.

For years my writing became a sporadic thing.  The real world collided with my dreams.  I found myself working a slew of sales, customer service, and collection jobs while struggling through single motherhood.  Nothing was working, so I finally asked God a question.


In my head, I heard something rather no-nonsense.


It was like someone was screaming in my ear!  I said, “Okay God, that’s great. That’s fine.  What do I do in the meantime, though, because I have no job, and I haven’t found a single publisher for my fiction yet.”

Well, that day I found ghostwriting, and I spent 3 years as a professional ghostwriter.  I still do that (that’s another site though).

My fiction, though, is bursting to get out.  The time has come for me to find the readers who will appreciate it the most.  The time has come to share the stories that have burst out of my heart, and to do so under my own name.