Are You My Reader?

My Mission Statement

Is it weird for a writer to have a mission statement? Well…I do.

My mission is to write awesome fiction which matters, and which includes people of all shapes and sizes. People who have agency, and who do amazing things.

I’m not writing for everyone.

Nobody writes for everyone!  And that’s okay.  I’m really looking to reach out to the kind of people who will enjoy my work.

Of course, you won’t know for sure until you try it.   But I’ve taken the time to write about who that might be so that you can see if you see some of yourself before you buy.

I will tell you that I’ve been heavily influenced by writers like Holly Lisle, James Patterson, Robert Jordan, Mercedes Lackey, and Jim Butcher.  But of course, I’m my own writer.  My work is my own, it’s unique, and it could not have come out of any other head.

My readers are…

My core readers are thinkers who enjoy urban fantasy, fantasy, and science fiction. They are also people who believe in or are open to considering the idea of a God who doesn’t live in a box, a God who loves everyone and who cares what happens to people. They aren’t uncomfortable with the idea that the Divine might touch our lives in some way, but they don’t want to see the Divine solving everyone’s problems, either. They still want to read about good people who care about each other, take responsibility for their own actions and ultimately perform heroic deeds, even if they do a lot of tripping over their own flaws on the way. They like characters that change and grow over the course of their adventures.

My core readers don’t need me to shield them and protect them. They don’t need me to weasel out of telling it like it is. They like character lives that are unpredictable and a little bit messy, just like real lives are. They like to see a range of human experience, not just a narrow portion of it. They want gender-inclusive, racial-inclusive, body-type inclusive and sexual-orientation inclusive stories (and will be patient with me as I strive to expand my skills in those areas). They also care about having empathy for others and believe in taking care of our natural world, because I believe in those things and sooner or later they’re going to come out in my fiction.

My readers are also aware that, like it or not, power matters. They don’t believe in abdicating their personal power. They don’t believe in the misuse or abuse of power. They believe that the source of one’s power matters as much as the way that power is used. They are interested in exploring themes of power, both good and bad, and the responsibility that it brings.

My readers have a strong sense of right and wrong. They value the intrinsic worth in all people without falling prey to complete moral relativism. To me, “right” means caring and compassion. Protecting and helping those weaker than one’s self. Avoiding actions which cause pain to others for personal gain. Being loving and extending that love to others. If you wouldn’t want it done to you, it’s probably the wrong thing to do. This doesn’t mean my characters are perfect little paragons though. They’re real people, which means they say and do horrible things. The good ones apologize and try to rectify their mistakes. The bad ones couldn’t care less that they’ve been horrible, and keep right on acting horrible!  Hey, it’s not a complex, deep, dark moral philosophy, but it’s the one I’ve got.