Urban Fantasy

Backlash72He’s the most powerful psychic on the planet, but televangelist Peter Corbie has spent a lifetime hiding from his gifts…

They’ve killed once. He’s vowed never to let it happen again. He’d hoped a lifetime of service to the church could shield him from what he believes may be a demonic power. But Peter can’t hide much longer. A deadly killer is on the loose, a killer with but one purpose: to steal extraordinary abilities from his victims even as he takes their lives. As Peter’s carefully arranged life and iron control begin to crumble, time starts running out. When the killer targets Peter, he has no choice but to turn and fight. He’s forced to grapple with his power and his faith in order to take on a merciless enemy and his murderous apprentice.  Buy now from Amazon.com.


DigMyGrave72Emaline Voisine is ready to give up on life just before she gets the call that her seven year old daughter has been kidnapped by her dead ex-husband.

Now she’s in a race against time, locked in a supernatural custody battle of epic proportions that forces her to rise to the challenge while facing her own shortcomings as a parent.

Buy now from Amazon.com.